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Who are we?


We are CITIZENS of Costa Mesa

We live and work here.  We walk, bike, skate and drive all over Costa Mesa.  We love our parks, our libraries and our senior center.  In other words, we are probably just like you.  We are also the people who brought you Measure Y, also known as the CITIZENS' Smart Growth Initiative, that passed by nearly 70% of the vote in 2016.  The CITIZENS' Smart Growth Initiative was originated by a group of Costa Mesa residents who collected signatures from other residents of Costa Mesa.

Most of the hard work has come from a growing group of concerned citizens called Costa Mesa First, a political action committee (FPPC 1332564) whose mission is to educate Costa Mesans about planning policies in Costa Mesa so they make knowledgeable choices when voting. We encourage residents to choose walkable, bikeable and inclusive neighborhoods, and the land use and transportation policies and investments needed to make Costa Mesa flourish. Our primary objective is to require Costa Mesa's leaders to put the residents of Costa Mesa first.


Do we have opinions about the 2020 election candidates?  Yes, we do.  The purpose of this website is to educate the Costa Mesa voter, but by no means are we trying to disguise the way we feel.  We hope you find the information on this website helpful when deciding how you will vote.  It will be updated as more information becomes available.


We are a political action committee.  We take action about politics in Costa Mesa.  We hope you will too.


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