Candidates for District 6

Hengameh Abraham

Here is Hengameh Abraham's candidate statement:

HA - CS.jpg

Ms. Abraham's website does not tell us much about her, so we can't say exactly how long she has lived in Costa Mesa.  She is endorsed by Allan Mansoor, Jim Fisler and Gary Monahan and the Costa Mesa Republican Assembly (note that City Council races are nonpartisan).  Hengameh Abraham's website is

Jeffrey Harlan

Here is Jeffrey Harlan's candidate statement:




















JH - CS.jpg

Mr. Harlan is a lawyer and urban planner.  He has lived in the City for many years and currently serves on the Planning Commission.  He is endorsed by the Costa Mesa Firefighters Association, Orange County League of Conservation Voters, Katrina Foley, most of the City Council members, and residents of Costa Mesa.  Jeff Harlan's website is

Jeff Pettis

Here is Jeff Pettis' candidate statement:

JP - CS.jpg

Jefferson Pettis grew up in Newport Beach and has lived in Phoenix, Arizona, Laguna Niguel, Fullerton, and Lake Forest.  He now calls Costa Mesa home.  He is endorsed by Orange County Gun Owners.  Jefferson Pettis' website is


Lee Ramos

Here is Lee Ramos' candidate statement:

LR - CS.jpg

Lee Ramos is a perennial candidate for City Council.  He served on the Fairview Park Citizen’s Advisory Committee, a committee that has been around off and on over the years, but in April 2013 was reconvened with the express purposes to “look at several issues involving the park.”  Those issues were to put lighted sports fields in environmentally-sensitive Fairview Park and to provide access through the park to Estancia High School and the Marion Parsons school field.  Mr. Ramos was also on the City's Charter Committee, which produced one of the charters that Jim Righeimer tried to pass off on the residents.  Lee Ramos does not have a working website.