Candidates for District 5

Allan R. Mansoor

Here is Allan R. Mansoor's candidate statement:

What he did not include is:  Where do we start?  Allan Mansoor first became involved in city affairs when he was appointed to the City’s Human Relations Committee.  In June of 2002, he came under fire when he made racist and homophobic posts on a now defunct website.  The Committee was later disbanded in 2005 when he was Mayor.   Mr. Mansoor was previously on the City Council for eight years.  During that time he brought Jim Righeimer to Costa Mesa.  In 2006 Mr. Mansoor was made an honorary member of the Minuteman Project, a vigilante border patrol group.  "I was humbled by the honor," he said.  He pushed to have immigration agents in Costa Mesa's jail and also got council members to declare Costa Mesa a "rule of law" city.  During 2016 campaign he said he would not focus on the immigration issue, but instead would examine repurposing the city's troubled motels to reduce crime.  And yet he did return to the immigration issue in May 2018 when he tried to get the council to oppose SB 54, the State’s sanctuary city law.  That led to a raucous council meeting where out-of-town Trump supporters showed up and took over the council chambers, preventing some residents from speaking.  Mansoor is famous for violating the first amendment rights of Benito Acosta.  The City has to defend the case through many courts, costing the City a lot of legal fees, and ended up changing the public hearing speaking rules.  Allan R. Mansoor's website is

Arlis Reynolds

Here is Arlis Reynolds's candidate statement:





















Ms. Reynolds has been endorsed by the Costa Mesa Police Association, John Stephens, Katrina Foley, Wendy Leece, Tom Arnold and many many residents . What she did not include in her statement is that she installed a free little library in front of her home. To get to know Ms. Reynolds better, we suggest you read this article from 2016:  Unsung Hero Arlis Reynolds

Arlis Reynolds's website is

Rebecca Trahan

Here is Rebecca Trahan's candidate statement:


What she did not include is Ms. Trahan was born in Texas and moved to Costa Mesa about five years ago.  She doesn't appear to have any endorsements.

Rebecca Trahan's website is

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