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Who are the candidates for Mayor?

On November 3, 2020, Costa Mesans elected Katrina Foley as Mayor for a two-year term. She later won an election to fill a vacated Orange County Supervisor seat for the Second District.   John Stephens was directly appointed to fill her position as Mayor.  This year there are two candidates for Mayor.  Here are their Candidate Statements:

John Stephens

Mr. Stephens is the current Mayor and served on the City Council prior to that.  He also briefly served on the Planning Commission before being appointed Mayor.  He voted in favor of putting Measure K on the November ballot.

John Stephens Candidate Statement 2022.jpg

Mr. Stephens has received endorsements from City Council members and other politicians representing Costa Mesa.  He has also been endorsed by the Costa Mesa Police Officers Association and the Orange County Labor Federation.  For more information go to


John M. W. Moorlach


Mr. Moorlach, age 66, served in the California State Senate until he lost his seat in 2020.  He also lost in a special election for Orange County Supervisor to Katrina Foley in 2021.  It isn't clear from Mr. Moorlach's website if he does or does not support Measure K, but a recent YouTube video seems to indicate he does not support it.  See


Mr. Moorlach's website does not list any endorsements.  For more information go to

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