July 23, 2018

Councilwoman Katrina Foley is taking the right path on sober-living homes


After reading “Costa Mesa council denies permits for 2 sober-living homes” (July 19), I thought about Councilwoman Katrina Foley’s efforts to control sober-living homes in Costa Mesa.

I have known Foley, a longtime local business owner (law practice), Costa Mesa city councilwoman and 2018 mayoral candidate, for several years and appreciate that she has deep roots in the community. As a result, Foley doesn’t take positions or make City Council decisions without considering what is best for local businesses, residents and their families, including her own family.

Foley’s comment cited in the article is a very good example of her current, thoughtful position on sober-living homes and is consistent with her previous efforts. In the past, Foley led the effort to make several revisions to regulations governing sober-living homes in Costa Mesa, including requiring increased transparency and preventing evicted occupants from adding to our homeless population.


However, she recognized that state and federal laws needed to be changed in order to protect the public and patients from rehab home operators that are exploiting the current laws. Foley went to Sacramento, and Washington, D.C., to testify in committee hearings and educate committee members about the abuses of bad rehab home operators.

She has also worked with the county to obtain Costa Mesa’s share of mental health funding and continues to work with other cities and states to correct the laws that allow rehab home operators to exploit and traffic addiction patients.


Based on her actions and position on sober-living homes, and her vested interest in Costa Mesa, I am voting for Foley for mayor in November.


Margaret Mooney

Costa Mesa