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Candidates for District 3

Andrea Marr

Here is Andrea Marr's candidate statement: 







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Andrea Marr camp stmt.jpg

Ms. Marr has received endorsements from City Council members, other politicians representing Costa Mesa and other neighboring cities.  She has also been endorsed by the Costa Mesa Firefighters.  Ms. Marr was one of the City Council members who wrote and supported putting Measure K on the ballot. For more information go to

John Thomas Patton

Here is John Thomas Patton's candidate statement:





















Mr. Patton's website is  He is endorsed by local Republicans like City Councilman Don Harper, Sanitation Board member Brett Eckles, Water District Director Shawn Dewayne, and others.  Mr. Patton does not support Measure K and will not be voting for it.

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John Thomas Patton candidate stmt.jpg

Jorge Miron

Here is Jorge Miron's candidate statement: 







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Miron cand stmt.jpg

Mr. Miron is running an independent campaign.  He does not appear to be endorsed by anyone at this time.  He does not support Measure K.  More information about Mr. Miron can be found at

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