Candidates for District 3

Brett Eckles

Here is Brett Eckles's candidate statement: 







What Mr. Eckles did not include is that he was a member of the Costa Mesa Charter Committee, which was formed in May of 2013 after the voters did not pass Righeimer’s charter in 2012 (60% voted no).  In March 2014 the Committee send a second proposed charter to the City, which went on the ballot in November 2014 and defeated (67% voted no).  This Committee cost the taxpayers because not only did staff have to attend its lengthy semimonthly meetings, it also required a City Attorney to be present.  Eckles was also a member of the Fairview Park Citizen’s Advisory Committee.  This committee has been around off and on over the years, but in April 2013 it was reconvened with the express purposes to “look at several issues involving the park.”  Those issues were to put sports fields in Fairview Park to alleviate the impact on fields that were suffering from overuse and lacked night-time lighting and to provide access through the park to Estancia High School and the Marion Parsons school field.  That last one is important because in August 2013, it was discovered that then-Councilman Steve Mensinger had instructed Assistant City Manager Ernesto Munoz to have a path mowed from the parking lot on Canyon Drive down a fence line leading to the Estancia field and subsequently a decomposed granite was laid on that path, all illegally.  The committee made recommendations to the City Council, most of which were not supported by residents, and wound up its business in April 2015.  This was another committee that spent a lot of time and money (including attorney time and fees), all for naught.  Measure AA came along that was the end of that story.  Brett Eckles's website is

Andrea Marr

Here is Andrea Marr's candidate statement:





















Ms. Marr is also the chair of the Costa Mesa Cultural Arts Committee.  Andrea Marr is endorsed by Costa Mesa residents who are involved in civic affairs. What she did not include in her statement is that she competed with the Naval Acadamy Karate Team. Reading Vet's work brings White House Honor will allow you become more acquainted with her.  Andrea Marr's website is

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